Our Story

The magic begins when you arrive to Ocean Z while you are welcomed with the first glass of champagne to celebrate the start of your stay at our island gem!

OceanZ was designed by Venezuelan architect, Óscar Enrique Bracho Malpica, renown for his extensive experience and numerous architectural works including: The Previsora tower, The Mosque, Islamic center of Caracas, the Legislative Palace, the Concert Hall and home to the Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela, and the church of Santa Rosa de Lima among other national landmarks and iconic buildings.

Oscar Bracho envisioned a hotel that invites you to enjoy the relaxation and serenity, in a minimalist design. The intention is that this wonderful hotel provides a space for privacy and comfort to the client. This is our staff’s common principle, allowing us to please our guests with all the included amenities and special requests.

In the words of our architect:

“… The construction elements articulated with a natural flow, without being constrained by a rigid geometric pattern, while maintaining a rational basis and a priority and determinant space and volumetric conception in the planning and implementation on the ground, was the provision of the most possible space to the visual field offered on the Arubian coast, to enjoy at all hours of the day, the changing light of the Caribbean and the sun set can be seen in its entirety and intensity…”

…Each room of the hotel has its own territorial spirit, is adapted in direct response, not just to weather and other environmental conditions of their own region, but to the shape and lifestyle of its occupants, and be in open dialogue with the landscape, and with the maritime environment.”


Hotel Amenities

  • Breakfast included in room price
  • VIP reception and assistance
  • Gourmet restaurant with breakfast served as desired.
  • Lounge Bar, Philippe Starck designed Kong chairs
  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Transfer to Boca Catalina and Arashi Beach